Role Call - The Girls!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've been meaning to do this post for some time, but as I said without the new laptop and newish camera blogging has been a little difficult. Now with all my excuses aside I want to take this opportunity to introduce my friends. This may be a bit silly since my friends make up a large portion of my audience, but it can't hurt. And for those of you who don't see me socially several times a week here are some faces to put with the names.

So, in alphabetical order, let's get started:


Here's Christine standing in an alley (some of you may recognize that alley from a major motion picture) with a cup of coffee in her hand. If you know her at all you will know that the coffee is classic Christine. And she's just like she looks in the picture...super nice.


Next up is Kate standing with her head between two barrels (which you will not recognize from any major motion picture). I'm not sure why she's got her head between two barrels except that I told her to do it and she did. Kate's a tad quirky (in a good way) and that's part of the reason I like her so much.


Here we have Kristin being Kristin. She's actually just pointing across the Strait of Juan de Fuca into Canada, but she's really, really excited about it. Which is just like her. You can almost always find Kristin smiling or laughing about something.


Now this is the Katie that I know and love. Sometimes she may seem a bit serious, but it's just that she's better at acting like an adult than the rest of us. Deep down she's pretty goofy and she loves laughing with and at us while we act like fools.


Last up is Regina. Here she is demonstrating the proper way to perform a twiga call (it works over mountains!). Regina is the philosopher of the group. I'm always amazed by her ability to illustrate her thoughts through awesome analogies.

So there they are, the girls of the group. They are my best friends and I love them all so much. Without them my life would be pretty boring. Actually it would be ridiculously boring.

Coming Soon: The Boys!


Regina said...

Great pictures Mandy! We do have a pretty awesome group of friends.

Truth be told, my life would be boring without you in it. (Ok, maybe not boring, but significantly less exciting. I need my regular doses of Mandy-isms. They just make my life better. Plus, if you weren't in my life, I would have no one to share in my obscure movie moments. I NEED YOU.)

Long story short: I love you back!

Two posts in one day! I can't handle the excitement!!

marie said...

Ditto to the excitement about two posts in one day!

You do have a wonderful bunch of friends ~ each one a blessing in their own special way!

Mandy said...

Oh, thanks Regina. Life wouldn't be the same without you guys.

If you think two posts is exciting, how about four? I updated my list blogs too. Nothing special, but it's still four posts.

Regina said...

gasp! *thunk*

I just picked myself up off the floor.

And now I'm doing a happy dance!

(Apparently I get very silly when I'm up past midnight!)

Heather J. said...

great post! and since I don't "really" know any of the girls that well at all, it's nice to know a bit more about them :)