It's Playoff Time!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

That's right everyone, the NHL Playoffs have arrived. And if you're anything like my family and I, then you are totally stoked. Seriously, this time of year is one of my favorites. It means Chinese food and Vernor's. It means sleep deprivation from staying up until 3am watching sudden death triple overtime. It means rearranging my entire life around the hockey schedule. What's not to love?

But more than anything the NHL Playoffs mean one thing:


Since I started watching hockey I have been fortunate enough to see my team win the Stanley Cup four times! They are the defending champs and I certainly believe that they can win it again this year. In celebration of the playoffs my friends and family are participating in a playoff pool. The victor will not only be acheive eternal glory and bragging rights, but also custody of this:

Okay, so the winner won't actually get the real Stanley Cup. It's just a replica. And it's made of plastic. And it's only about 6 inches tall. But that doesn't make the it less awesome and it certainly doesn't make the victory less sweet.

So, to get eveyone in the spirit of the playoffs I will leave you with some pictures of my favorite playoff moments. (I found TONS of pictures and really had to restrain myself from posting 30 or 40 of them.) Anyway, enjoy the pictures and the playoffs and I just know that EVERYONE will be cheering for the right team (If you aren't yet sure of what team that is you might want to reread this post.)


marie said...

I'm ready! In fact I've already cleared a spot (on my desk) for the cup!
Yes ~ I will (like the Red Wings) be victorious!

Katie said...

Count me in! I'm hoping for a win after my poor showing last year.

Joe's House said...

You poor people. Can't you find anything better to occupy your time with then this garbage on TV? It pains me to even think you are going to try to convert Elijah into a hockey fan, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!