Portland + 2!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm excited to announce that our upcoming Dorks in Forks trip has expanded to include some new dorks. My sister, Katie, and good friend, Regina, will be joining us in Portland for a few days at the end of the trip! Neither of them are Twilight fans (strange, I know), so they won't be joining us for that most dorky leg of the trip. They will be arriving in Portland the day before we come back from the Olympic Peninsula and then they will drive up to meet us at Mt. St. Helen's before the whole group returns to the city for a few days of fun.

Some sad news about Port Angles, the place we wanted to stay was booked, so we had to pick something else. I just had a feeling that we wouldn't be able to get in there. We went with one of our back-ups:

Red Lion Hotel

It's right on the water and has some great views of the nearby mountains. We got a great deal and the rooms are nicer than at our original choice, but it lacks some of the charm. It's also in the middle of the city, which puts us about 20 minutes further from Forks than we would have been at Lake Crescent Lodge. Oh, well.

As for Portland the group finally decided on the Inn at Northrup Station. We decided that the location and feel was the best for us. We sprung for the rooms with either a private balcony or private patio. And when I actually made the reservation I found out there is a free continental breakfast and they provide you with passes for the streetcar. I love free food! (Really, who doesn't?) And the streetcar passes were completely unexpected.

So, at this point we have our plane tickets and all of our hotels are booked. We still need to make reservations for our rental car and at a couple of restaurants, but that's about it. I'm so excited I can't blink.


Regina said...

Whoo hoo!

marie said...

You're going to look kind of funny if you don't blink between now and then......
I'm just sayin'.