Read or Die!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My friends and I love to read. It seems like every time we get together someone is talking about the book they just finished or the book they are currently reading or what books they are hoping to check out. Indeed, my friends are such great book lovers that two of them have started book clubs that I have the great privilege of attending every month (Thanks Regina and Suzanne!). So, some of the girls and I have decided that since we spend so much time reading we might as well have a little competition. And because I feel like all fun ideas and events need names I have dubbed this competition Read or Die! It's a little dramatic, I know, but it is a competition after all.

And now for the rules:

1) Keep track of both the number of books and the number of pages read each month.

2) Each book must be counted in the month in which the book was finished.

3) Audio books can be put toward the total. Just check Amazon for the page count.

At the end of the year we will all report the number of books and the number of pages that we have read and then we'll name the two winners. The goal is to read at least 60 books. And since some of us (me in particular) have a tendency to reread, the goal is also for at least 40 of these books to be new.

I'm really quite excited about this friendly little competition. But to my friends, I will warn you all that it is Donkey Kong!



I think I would rather be in a "read or lose" competition :)

How many people are in this competition now?

Katie said...

Well, I'll just bow down to your greatness now. There's no way I'll be accomplishing 60 books this year. My own personal goal is just to get through all our book club books, and that will be hard enough as it is. I'll just watch as the rest of you duke it out! It's safer that way.